Sona Bechoo is the first and reliable leader when it comes to selling gold for cash in India. As we believe in transparent and crystal-clear services, we deal with our customers on the grounds of honesty and equality. We believe in offering the best payout for gold, silver, diamonds, and coins. Undoubtedly, this leads to peace of mind to people and make them rely on us with complete sureness and confidence.

While doing the valuation for your gold, silver, diamonds, and coins, we use a complete standardized and technology-based testing process. Our team of high-level advisers is always there to guide you in the right direction. People come to us because we not only buy gold and silver but diamonds too which are rarely purchased by anyone in the same industry. Do you know that gold companies charge a higher rate of interest and offer the minimum value to your commodities? We don’t work like others, and therefore we stand out in the market and have become the people’s preferred choice for en cashing their gold.

At Sona Bechoo, we believe in establishing long-term and reliable customer relationships. Many are just new and untrained in the process of buying age-old commodities, but we have made our place among the best in the industry. Our services are second to none, unequaled and incomparable whether it’s dealing with clients, valuation of the commodities, offering the payout and more. Our straightforwardness, honesty, simplicity, and sincerity to customers make them believe our credibility, and they easily en cash their valuables with us.

Why choose us:

Sona Bechoo is your best leading cash for gold company. We believe in the highest payout for your gold, silver, diamonds, and coins. We pay you by Cash / Cheque / IMPS / RTGS / NEFTSona Bechoo is one of the most credible and established commodities’ buyer in the Delhi NCR. Our major focus is on customer satisfaction, and therefore we make sure that you receive crystal clear services from our end. However, our team of experts makes sure that you have a wise choice to make decisions. Therefore, we gather all the facts and present them to you so that with all the logical information in hand, it’s easier to sell out your commodities and en cash them with our guidance and support.

Key advantages to customers:
At Sona Bechoo, we make use of the brand-new and cutting-edge technology naming KARATMETER to value your gold
Our outlets are situated at NCR. So, visiting the nearby outlet is super easy
Our trained and experienced staff guide and assist you from checking of commodities to valuation to offering the cash in your hands are recognized as the most reliable gold buyer offering the best payout to customers
We also provide other modes of payments like chequeNEFT, IMPS, and RTGS
Some articles we buy at Sona Bechoo:
Gold rings, necklaces, Gold bracelets, earrings, bangles and more
Gold and silver coins
Gold Biscuits
Silver jewelry
Other silver commodities
What’s in the name?

Our vision.

Sona Bechoo aims to be one of the most preferred and favored groups in India for offering cash for gold by 2020. We wish to provide the best payout and maximum customer satisfaction by guiding them in the right direction.

Our Mission.

We are heading to offer the best value to our customers when they come to selling out their unusable and unwanted assets. We do this by merely checking their commodities (gold, silver, diamond, and coins) and offering the best payout in the form of cash. We help them by providing transparent services and offering them what they deserve the best. We make sure that our customers get the real value of their possessions and don’t get the low amount of their precious commodities.

Our Philosophy.

To help our external stakeholders, so they can sell out their unwanted and unusable age-hold commodities and en cash them which is of use to them for fulfilling their dreams or meeting an emergency.

What do we promise?

Sona Bechoo understands that selling out gold, silver, diamonds, and coins is a big decision for anyone and therefore we offer the following promises to our customers:

Unwavering support and high-quality services to our customers
Best payout when you visit us for en cashing your commodities
A-1 and outstanding customer support and guidance
We keep our customers’ information out of harm’s way and protected
We have installed CCTV, so there is transparency and complete recording at each point of sales
Our dedicated staff makes sure that your transactions are monitored carefully and adequately
We also conduct post-sales surveys to better our services more from your feedback