Gold encasement is smooth and plain sailing. Looking for  instant cash? At Sona Bechoo – Instant Money for Gold In Indirapuram, be sure-footed and secured as you get the best. From gold rings to bracelets to chains to coins to ornaments and more, we buy everything and offer you the highest payout. Bring your old and unusable gold jewelry, get its value checked per the market rate, and take back the instant cash. Isn’t this simple, painless and manageable? Our extensive presence with different outlets across Delhi and NCR makes it easier for people to get their gold evaluated and receive the best price.

How do we value your gold?

Our services are clear, transparent and out in the open. At Sona Bechoo, we make sure that the purity of gold is checked using the latest technology called KARATMETER. Once we test the purity of your gold using KARATMETER, we make sure that you get the best value for your gold. Our team of industry experts always guide you in the right direction. We guarantee that you will get the best and most satisfactory payout for your gold jewelry only at Sona Bechoo Money for Gold In Indirapuram

What do we buy?

At Sona Bechoo – Instant Cash for Jewellery In Indirapuram, we buy multiple gold articles and offer the best price for your commodities. To name a few, here is a list of gold articles:

Jewelry sets
Coins and bars

What’s the procedure?

The customer who wants to sell out his unusable and unwanted gold articles comes to us
Our experts will then take the customer to a secured cabinet where the purity of gold article is being checked.
We do the gold testing using KARATMETER
After testing, we offer you the best payout.
Once you make up your mind, we, en cash your gold and pay out the cash immediately
We also have different modes of payment like NEFTChequeRTGS, and IMPS

Please Read Carefully:

Selling stolen jewelry is a crime
We always accept gold when you show us your photo ID and address proof. We majorly use this for the safe and secure transaction.