Having a jewelry is the most common thing in India. We buy jewelry for different reasons like for wedding purposes, for investment purposes and even sometimes buying jewelry on some occasions are considered auspicious. But Sometimes we all had that mind disturbing situation when a beautiful jewelry of us gets break due to high pressure of hands while wearing it or for any other unfortunate reason in such a way that it cannot be amended.

What to do now with the jewelry that we bought endearingly and with the hard-earned money? Jewelers are not going to pay you for that jewelry since it is broken and even if they pay then they will pay you lowest payout which won’t be in cash.

The most effortless way to sell your broken jewelry is SONA BECHOO.

SONA BECHOO is the best leading CASH FOR GOLD company that gives the highest payout for your gold, silver or diamond jewelry in cash and bank transfer instantly.

In SONA BECHOO, you don’t need to fix any appointment to sell your jewelry, instead of that you can directly go to one of our branches with your jewelry to cash it. It is very simple, easiest and less time-consuming process to sell your gold jewelry.

Below is the process to sell out your jewelry to SONA BECHOO: –

  • Simply take your jewelry to any center of our SONA BECHOO
  • SONA BECHOO experts will check the Karat and purity of your gold, silver or diamond jewelry in front of the customer.
  • After completing the purity test of your jewelry, they will show you the highest payout for that jewelry.
  • After having a mutual agreement between the expert and the customer, you will get the Cash for your jewelry or you can get it directly transferred to your bank for selling your jewelry.

SONA BECHOO works in simplest and less time-consuming method to encash your gold or silver jewelry. They have their branches in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida and are open all seven days a week to fulfill your requirement. SONA BECHOO Immediately turns your jewelry into cash. “SONA LAO CASH PAO”

Why Indians love gold jewelry

Dressing up and looking good is common across all customs and traditions worldwide to attract people, this is one of the primal reasons for attraction to gold.

We Indian do adore the gold a lot specially women. The predominant Hindu population finds mention of gold as a commodity of immense value in their religious books. However as of today, the main reasons for buying gold are –

1) Gold is considered an equivalent for liquid cash: Gold is highly liquid and portable as a Security or Asset. It can be converted to cash anytime when an emergency arises and is considered a friend in need. SONA BECHOO can immediately encash your gold.

2) Gold is considered as a Status Symbol: Especially in India gold symbolizes wealth. In Indian weddings the Gold brought by the bride shows her family’s status and wealth and whenever you are bored with your current jewelry you can sell that to buy a new one.

3) Gold is a very good investment: Gold is an asset which has consistently increased in value and thereby considered as a safe and secure investment. It is considered an effective diversifier which helps to reduce portfolio risk and can be sell out easily.

4) Gold is considered as gift item: It’s precious and worthy across all cultures and times. The gold jewelry is given as gifts during weddings, festivals and other special occasions.

5) Great Ornamental Value: Who can resist gold ornaments? Women of every age and time have always loved wearing gold ornaments. It also may be remembered that wedding rings are also traditionally made of gold to mark a long lasting relationship

In India, Gold jewelry is basically bought for future needs. Whether it’s about children’s higher studies ,own a house or expanding your business and so on, Gold can help you without any trouble. Sona Bechoo offers you the best price for your gold. Its “sona lao cash pao” theme immediately encashes your gold.


Different styles of gold and diamond jewelry

No matter what the occasion is, wearing jewelry is a must. Jewelry adds glow to your personality, Whether its gold or diamond both have their own charm. Different styles of jewelries are worn on different occasions accordingly. Here are some sort of jewelries that you can find in the market for any occasion :-

1) Handmade gold jewelry :- These jewelries are basically customized according to the customer’s need. The drawbacks of this industry are that making charges in these kind of jewelries are very high since a lot of handwork is needed and not only that there are some designs available which cannot be made by hand.

2) Kundan and polki :-Kundan  is a traditional form of  Indian jewelry involving a gem set with a gold foil between the stones and it’s mount, usually to elaborate necklaces. The terms of kundan polki was originated in the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Kundan jewelry is also known as bikaneri or Jaipuri jewelry.It is one of the older forms of jewelry made and worn in India. Traditionally, these kind of jewelries were used to be worn by the queens and the rich communities of India. In current age, these jewelries are very popular among brides on their weddings.

3) Diamond  jewellery :- It is well said that “ the sparkle depends on the flaws in the diamond”. Whether it’s a necklace, ring, bracelet or any ornament diamond can enhance the look of any jewel. In astrology it is believed that diamond brings good luck to some certain sun signs, This could be a reason for the increase demand of diamond jewellery.

4) Platinum jewellery :- platinum is a very precious metal even more than gold because platinum is mined less than gold. In jewelry industry platinum is mostly used to make rings. Since it’s high in density, that’s why it is higher in weight and price than gold. There are very few designs available in the market for platinum jewelry.

5) Gemstone jewellery :- A gemstone is basically a piece of mineral crystal, which is cut and polished in the way to make jewelries and ornaments. Different types of gemstones are available in the market and each type of gemstone has their own different types of qualities.  Jewelries made in high quality  or low quality of gemstone show the actual status of the wearer.

But what if you are having a jewelry that is been outdated or you have worn it so many times that you got bore, So what to do with it now? The only liable answer is SONA BECHOO. Sona bechoo will buy your old gold, silver and diamond jewelry and will pay you the best price in cash for your gold. You can sell the jewellery either to buy new jewellery with latest design or to settle your old gold for cash. So for your any need SONA BECHOO is indeed.


why choose Sonabechoo to sell your gold?

Who does not like gold jewelry, at least I do. Gold and diamond jewelries make you look like a diva, This could be a main reason for the high demands of gold and diamond jewelry. No matter what decade it is, gold jewelry has always been in trend, something that has changed and will always change in future is the DESIGN of the jewelry. Continue reading “why choose Sonabechoo to sell your gold?”