No matter what the occasion is, wearing jewelry is a must. Jewelry adds glow to your personality, Whether its gold or diamond both have their own charm. Different styles of jewelries are worn on different occasions accordingly. Here are some sort of jewelries that you can find in the market for any occasion :-

1) Handmade gold jewelry :- These jewelries are basically customized according to the customer’s need. The drawbacks of this industry are that making charges in these kind of jewelries are very high since a lot of handwork is needed and not only that there are some designs available which cannot be made by hand.

2) Kundan and polki :-Kundan  is a traditional form of  Indian jewelry involving a gem set with a gold foil between the stones and it’s mount, usually to elaborate necklaces. The terms of kundan polki was originated in the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Kundan jewelry is also known as bikaneri or Jaipuri jewelry.It is one of the older forms of jewelry made and worn in India. Traditionally, these kind of jewelries were used to be worn by the queens and the rich communities of India. In current age, these jewelries are very popular among brides on their weddings.

3) Diamond  jewellery :- It is well said that “ the sparkle depends on the flaws in the diamond”. Whether it’s a necklace, ring, bracelet or any ornament diamond can enhance the look of any jewel. In astrology it is believed that diamond brings good luck to some certain sun signs, This could be a reason for the increase demand of diamond jewellery.

4) Platinum jewellery :- platinum is a very precious metal even more than gold because platinum is mined less than gold. In jewelry industry platinum is mostly used to make rings. Since it’s high in density, that’s why it is higher in weight and price than gold. There are very few designs available in the market for platinum jewelry.

5) Gemstone jewellery :- A gemstone is basically a piece of mineral crystal, which is cut and polished in the way to make jewelries and ornaments. Different types of gemstones are available in the market and each type of gemstone has their own different types of qualities.  Jewelries made in high quality  or low quality of gemstone show the actual status of the wearer.

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