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How do Sona Bechoo evaluate the value of my items ?

Sona Bechoo decide the value by checking the Gold purity (in Karat), weight of the items, with the current price of Gold and Silver.


You can mail us on and you can also call us on +91 8447720200. You can also send us your queries on our website by Get in touch button

Can i visit your stores to sell my items on the spot ?

Yes you can visit any of Sona Bechoo branch – Indirapuram, Vaishali, Vasundhara, Shalimar Garden, Crossings Republik and Gaur City.

What if jewelry contains other Gemstones ?

We remove your stones and give back to our customers or either provide an extra value for them.

What all can be sold ?

Sona Bechoo buy your Gold, Silver and Diamond Ornaments, Jewelry, your Gold and Silver coins or bars. We always give the best deal for your Gold, Silver, Diamonds and Coins

Do you buy Gold and Silver bars ?

Yes, Sona Bechoo buy Gold and Silver bars.

How do you check the purity of gold ?

On every Sona Bechoo store we have our Gold valuer who has high level of experience of testing the Gold and Silver which helps to provide the accurate value of your items. We also check by the different purity of Acids which also give accurate results. Lastly we also test using the US based Karat-meter which detects the purity of your gold. Machines can be optimized or manipulated to provide the low purity of your Gold, which we avoid.

Difference between Sona Bechoo and other jewelry stores ?

Jewelry store does not provide instant cash for your Gold or Silver. They ask to exchange your old Gold Jewelry into New Gold Jewelry and charge extra making charges. Sona Bechoo try to fulfill the cash requirement of customers by providing instant money.

Do you require any ID for selling the Gold ?

Yes, Sona Bechoo requires yours photo ID and address proof. Sona Bechoo do not share your details with any company, it is totally confidential.

Difference between Sona Bechoo and other gold loan company ?

Sona Bechoo buy your Gold, Silver and Diamond instantly instead of providing loan. Gold companies charger higher interest rate because of which it becomes difficult to release your Gold. We give right solution by giving instant money.

Can I buy back my items later ?

We send the items for melting process same day and once item purchased cannot be sold back.