Who does not like gold jewelry, at least I do. Gold and diamond jewelries make you look like a diva, This could be a main reason for the high demands of gold and diamond jewelry. No matter what decade it is, gold jewelry has always been in trend, something that has changed and will always change in future is the DESIGN of the jewelry.

We Indians have some beliefs that buying gold in any form like coins, biscuits or ornaments etc on festivals is very auspicious. Everyone has their own needs and money shouldn’t be a barrier for that. For children studies, for buying new home, for daughter’s marriage, business expansion or for any other personal need  those coins, biscuits, ornaments can be converted into cash by selling them out. Except that every women has a jewelry which is no longer in use and been out of fashioned, she would definitely like to sell it out either to buy new one or for any of her personal need, but the main thing comes this way is that who should we sell these gold items to get the best value against them.

Selling jewelry to the same jeweler from whom you bought them can be a bad decision. Here are some drawbacks of selling your old jewelry to the jeweler –

1)  Jeweler doesn’t give the best value for your gold.

2)  Mostly jewelers do not give cash for your gold, they prefer exchange instead of en cashing your gold  and there are very limited designs available.

3)  Those jewelers who offer exchange instead of en cashing gold often add labor cost, making charges etc that can cost you high.

4)  Mostly jewelers try to sell there out of fashion or the jewelry which is been in the stock of them since a long time and hasn’t sold out due to its poor designing.

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